So Many Ideas, So Little Time…..

Entrepreneurs can be so creative and so scattered.  Visionaries through and through, stuck in the quagmire of ideas.  Great visions can be inspiring, and, sometimes, paralyzing.

In my observation, too many amazing ideas can receive middling effort and none are accomplished well or completely.  I speak from my own experience having started so many wicked-cool projects only to find myself exhausted and depleted and unable to bring any to fruition.

And so, as with any great puzzle, it is recommended to start by doing the borders.  In this context, the context of your business, might I suggest starting with the over-arching raison d’etre.  Why exactly did you get into business?

Say, for example, the reason you got into business was so you would never have to work for someone else again – so that’s one WHY.  Now, say, for example, you also got into business to make the lives of your customers easier – another WHY.


So, all of the incredible ideas you have need to fulfill both of those WHY’s.  The ones that meet, you work with.  The ideas that don’t meet the considerations of the WHY can be set aside from your work agenda – not to be forgotten, just set aside so clarity can be gained.

Once you have an understanding of those ideas that meet the WHY’s and those that don’t, then you can focus.  During work hours, focus on those that meet the WHY you are in business.  During your downtime, you can give the other ideas your energy.  Maybe these other ideas will become hobbies or activities you can undertake for fun.

This is not to say that these ideas get tossed aside into oblivion.  On the contrary, they are simply put in their place and not allowed to compete with work priorities that meet your fundamental reason for being in business.

These fundamental reasons, these over-arching motivations, are to be remembered over and over as you go about your working life, in my opinion.  Whenever grand ideas take spark, ask yourself if they meet the reason you got into business.  If they do, then great – proceed.  If they don’t, then punt them to the hobby/play pile.  These punted ideas may one day meet the reason you went into business, but for now, while they don’t, keep them in their place.

p.s.  I love using large sheets of paper or whiteboard to do my idea organizing.  Sticky notes can be used to write ideas onto and placed, removed, and replaced over and over while you debate/brainstorm/mull over/play with your ideas.   If you need help with this, just ask me.  I’ll bring the sticky notes!

p.p.s.  You wouldn’t be an entrepreneur if you weren’t a visionary, so keep havin’ ‘em.  Just keep ‘em in line!


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