Monthly Archives: May 2018

What is YOUR Why?

Recently I watched Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk. He is a great orator and if you take the 18 minutes to watch, I think you’ll be inspired. (

It’s easy to get caught up in the detritus of our daily grind and forget the reasons why we are in business. Watching Mr. Sinek’s talk was a good reminder to reflect often on why I do the work I do.

It has been no easy road to conclude my life’s purpose. I am here to support, elevate, teach, and inspire. These common threads run through all of my ‘jobs’ over the years – managing teams and projects with a personal goal of elevating all of those involved while supporting the overarching goals of the organization.

Within the context of my life’s purpose, I have created a business where I get to support, elevate, teach, and inspire holistic practitioners (for the most part…although I do have some clients in other sectors). I get to provide practical business acumen, strategic planning, operational suggestions, and comfort and laughter so they can focus on doing what they do best – use their skills and talents to move our community forward positively. This is the WHY of my business.

Why do I operate BEST Events & Other Stuff?

  • Because business should be fun and supportive to all involved;
  • Because I believe that the people I work with are moving our community forward positively and, with the correct business support, could be doing even more of the good stuff;
  • Because businesses need to be supported in the detritus of administration;
  • Because there is more to business than marketing;
  • Because I have skills that can benefit the people I think are doing great work and have the heart and compassion to help them succeed;
  • Because the work I do needs to be positive and reflect my values;
  • Because I love the flexibility and variety.

People have told me they feel relief, understood, and heard when working with me. I think these are by-products of the support I offer – and what a joy to be able to bring something like relief to someone else – but these aren’t my purpose. I don’t seek to provide these intangibles – I seek to support fundamentally. Do you see/feel the difference?

Why are you in business? Have you thought about the reasons lately? Ever? I encourage you to think about it. The ‘why’ can get us through rough patches – which every business has. If you feel compelled to share in the comments section, please do.