Comm’s, Marketing, and all the Other Stuff

Communications Plans – What are you saying and how are you saying it? Who’s paying attention? What’s the outcome you’re intending? Let’s create a strategic plan to get your message to your end user. Achievable, manageable, and on point – that’s the plan.

Marketing – Beth is an ideas person with marketing know-how. Years of experience combined with new knowledge give Beth an advantage and, consequently, you, an advantage. Are you doing the two-step, line dance, or tight rope walk with your social media? Traditional marketing or social media – it’s all a dance where reciprocity and twirling is never a bad idea. Let’s talk about what you’re currently doing and how we can keep things moving forward positively.

Community Engagement – Looking to engage your community? Beth and her associates have a good deal of experience in bringing neighbours together. Let us teach you how it’s done.

Writing – Beth rocks the written word!  If you need something written (website content, social media content, brochure, blog, funding application, news release, biography, website text, Dear John letter, etc.), Beth can write it. No need to outsource this wonderful nugget of joy at higher expense – writing is done in-da-house.

Editing –  Have you written your own website content and just aren’t ready or sure enough to hit ‘publish?’ Beth has your back.Beth has an affinity for adverbs – and other grammar niceties. The Oxford comma is her best friend. Check out for grammar perfection.

Photography – Beth has a point-and-shoot camera BUT knows amazing photographers. Check out Karen & Brian Knutsen Photography.

Web design – Beth likes how cob webs are designed BUT knows highly skilled website designers. Beth has a good handle on WordPress updating and management. Beyond that, consider Kim Tanasichuk – website Goddess.

“Thank you Beth, for being you. There truly is no one who could have helped me as well as you did. I so appreciate your compassion, ability to create organized thoughts and and pizzaz to all that you create! Amazing you are, Beth, amazing!”

~ Jackie Pearce, Golden Lady Wholistics




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